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Simplifying healthcare and expanding access to pharmacy and medication services for everyone.

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A Completely New
Approach to Healthcare

Healthcare today is complex, confusing, and frustrating. As it turns out, it really doesn’t have to be.

MakoRx is challenging the traditional structure of healthcare while increasing access for both individuals and employers with:

  • Simplified cost-plus drug pricing
  • Subscription-based health plans
  • In-pharmacy services
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> MakoRx Complete Care: The Best Alternative to the Traditional Healthcare Model MakoRx Complete Care isn’t insurance. It’s quality healthcare designed to help business owners stay competitive by providing much-needed, affordable coverage for their employees and saving individuals money.

MakoRx Care Connect In-pharmacy services, testing, and treatment with a telehealth visit when needed. No insurance necessary! Just affordable cash prices at a pharmacy near you. Learn More Cost-Plus Drugs For self-fund employers, access cost-plus drug pricing at over 16,000 local pharmacies, proactive patient advocacy, and full rebates passed through Learn More
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