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Transforming Care with Subscription Health Plan Models

Accessing quality healthcare used to mean navigating a maze of insurance policies, copays, and hidden fees. Subscription health plans, like MakoRx Complete Care, are changing how we think about and…

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PBM Legislative Proposals and Market Pressures

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have recently come under pressure from proposed federal legislation as Congress attempts to tackle high prescription drug prices. While the proposed legislation did not make it…

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MakoRx Complete Care: Healthcare Specific for the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is renowned for its vibrancy and dynamism, but those working within it face unique challenges, especially when it comes to healthcare. Recent strikes have highlighted the precarious…

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Managing Specialty Drug Costs with 340b Pricing

Specialty drugs now account for almost 50% of overall drug costs for a plan, highlighting a burgeoning crisis for employers who must find ways to contain and control this cost.…

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