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Pharmacy Deserts: A Hidden Barrier to Health Equity

The term pharmacy desert refers to an area where residents must travel at least ten miles to reach the nearest pharmacy. Due to the rise of pharmacy deserts, healthcare accessibility…

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Exploring Current Drug Shortages

Drug shortages have become a constant theme recently, with the number of drugs listed on shortage at a record high. Currently, 323 drugs are actively in short supply, the highest…

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Comparing Costs: Subscription Health Plans vs. Traditional Insurance

Traditional health insurance has long been the go-to choice for many, offering a familiar safety net. However, with the rise of subscription health plans, a new contender has entered the…

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Why Does the Proposed PBM Legislation at Both the State and Federal Levels Matter? 

82% of Americans say that prescription drug prices are unreasonable, which makes it no surprise that both state and federal legislatures are increasingly focusing on the problem of prescription drug…

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