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The Independent Pharmacy Crisis

In recent years, the landscape of community healthcare has witnessed a concerning trend: the closures of independent pharmacies at an alarming rate. These local pillars of health, once the backbone…

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Biosimilars: A Fiduciary Responsibility for ERISA Plans

All eyes are on the Johnson and Johnson case right now regarding potential employer mismanagement of drug benefit dollars. The case focuses on high-cost “specialty generics” overcharging the plan, formulary…

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Personalized Medication Management Through Pharmacy Advocacy

Personalized medication management is key in modern healthcare, tailoring treatments to individual needs. This approach, aimed at improving medication adherence and minimizing adverse reactions, perfectly aligns with the services offered…

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The Biosimilar Market: An Illustration of the Influence of PBMs

Biosimilars are essentially the generic version of a biologic medication, meaning a medication that is made from a living source as opposed to a medication made from chemical ingredients. A…

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