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Integrated Health Management

Treating chronic conditions can require expensive medications
that significantly impact both patient and employer costs.

MakoRx created our Integrated Health Management (IHM) programs to capitate and control ever-increasing chronic conditions costs by bundling care and medication into a fixed monthly cost per employee.

Diabetes Bundle: One of the most prevalent and costly conditions on any health plan is diabetes care. Between the popularity of GLP-1 medications like Ozempic® or Mounjaro® and the cost of branded drugs and insulins, employers can significantly reduce health costs associated with diabetes by moving to a bundled care model.

IHM provides all the testing, supplies, medications, virtual doctor visits and care team management for your participants with diabetes for the following costs:

Diabetes Bundle
Average Per Patient Monthly Plan Spend MakoRx Per Patient Monthly Pricing Average Per Patient Monthly Savings
Standard Diabetes Bundle $783 $295 $488
Standard with Ozempic $1,473 $669 $804
Standard with Mounjaro $1,746 $1,034 $712
Standard with Rybelsus $1,415 $610 $805
Standard with Trulicity $1,560.25 $876 $684
Standard with Bydureon $1,326.29 $582 $744

Improved Care, Lower Costs

$0 patient
out-of-pocket cost

Enhanced care management through our pharmacy team and providers

Improve outcomes for patients with diabetes

(A1c control, reduced diabetes-related complications)

Savings up to 50% on the cost of care and treatment


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