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Combating the Rising Costs of Chronic Disease Management

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Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, are not only a health concern but also a significant financial burden for patients and employers. With the costs of medications and treatments continually rising, finding effective ways to manage these expenses is crucial. MakoRx’s Integrated Health Management (IHM) programs offer a promising financial solution to chronic disease management.

The Financial Strain of Chronic Conditions

Treating chronic conditions like diabetes often involves expensive medications and supplies, impacting both individual patients and employers. The cost of care, especially for branded drugs or insulins, can be overwhelming. This financial strain calls for a more sustainable approach to managing chronic disease costs.

MakoRx’s Integrated Health Management Solution

MakoRx has developed IHM programs specifically designed to control the escalating costs associated with chronic conditions. By bundling care and medication into a fixed monthly cost per employee, these programs offer a more predictable and manageable expense model.

Diabetes Care: A Case Study in Cost Reduction

Diabetes Bundle
Average Per Patient Monthly Plan Spend MakoRx Per Patient Monthly Pricing Average Per Patient Monthly Savings
Standard Diabetes Bundle $783 $295 $488
Standard with Ozempic $1,473 $669 $804
Standard with Mounjaro $1,746 $1,034 $712
Standard with Rybelsus $1,415 $610 $805
Standard with Trulicity $1,560.25 $876 $684
Standard with Bydureon $1,326.29 $582 $744

Diabetes care is one of the most prevalent and costly aspects of any health plan. MakoRx’s IHM Diabetes program demonstrates significant savings for various diabetes care scenarios. For instance, the Standard Diabetes Bundle, which would typically cost an average of $783 per patient per month, is offered by MakoRx at $295, saving an average of $488 monthly. Even more substantial savings are seen with branded medications like Ozempic®, Mounjaro®, Rybelsus®, Trulicity®, and Bydureon®.

Improved Care at Lower Costs

MakoRx’s approach not only reduces costs but also enhances care management. Patients benefit from $0 out-of-pocket costs, comprehensive care management by pharmacy teams and providers, and improved health outcomes, such as better A1c control and reduced diabetes-related complications. The program can lead to savings of up to 50% on the cost of care and treatment.

Take Control of Chronic Disease Costs with MakoRx

The rising costs of chronic disease management require innovative solutions like those offered by MakoRx. If you’re an employer or a broker building health plans, consider partnering with MakoRx to effectively manage chronic disease costs. Contact MakoRx today to explore our Integrated Health Management programs and take a significant step toward financial stability and improved employee health.

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