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How Inflation Negatively Affects Mental Health

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Inflation, an economic term associated with rising prices, can directly affect our mental well-being. As the cost of living increases and purchasing power falls, it’s not just financial health that’s impacted—our mental state can also take a hit. Fortunately, there’s hope amidst this economic pressure. MakoRx, committed to providing access to support mental health, provides solutions that help mitigate the emotional repercussions of inflation and economic instability.

The Psychological Footprint of Inflation

Inflation leaves an indelible mark on our psyche, subtly altering our behaviors, emotions, and overall mental health. Economic discussions often overlook the effect of the psychological footprint of inflation. Let’s delve into this nuanced landscape and explore the anxiety stemming from diminished purchasing power and the depressive symptoms linked to inflation. Through understanding these emotional responses, we can uncover the hidden psychological costs of economic instability and strategize more effectively to counteract them.

The Anxiety of Diminished Purchasing Power

Every time inflation spikes and the value of money decreases, you need more money to buy the same goods and services. The stress and anxiety stemming from this diminished purchasing power can be palpable, particularly for people living paycheck to paycheck. As the cost of living rises, individuals and families may struggle to keep up with their basic needs. Due to inflation, people often find themselves:

  • Stretched thin with their monthly budget or unable to cover their existing costs
  • Concerned about affording any additional costs or surprise bills 
  • Doubtful about the future, leading to hesitancy in making long-term plans

The Depressive Symptoms Linked to Inflation

Inflation doesn’t just impact our day-to-day financial decisions. It can also have a profound effect on our overall mental health. As the value of money decreases, individuals may feel trapped in their financial situation. Furthermore, you might have a perception of stagnancy or regression, even if you are working harder to make ends meet. These feelings of hopelessness and helplessness can contribute to depressive symptoms, including:

  • Low mood and lack of interest in daily activities
  • Fatigue and exhaustion 
  • Difficulty sleeping or changes in appetite 
  • Decreased motivation and productivity, impacting work performance

How MakoRx Helps

Inflation does more than erode purchasing power. It can also erode peace of mind. Rising prices, especially for essential services like healthcare, can cause undue stress and anxiety. MakoRx steps in with an array of services designed to provide access to support services to directly address the accompanying mental health challenges without adding to the existing financial stress. Here’s how:

Virtual Mental Health Visits: Addressing the Core Issue Head-On

MakoRx’s telehealth services ensure that patients can conveniently consult licensed mental health professionals from the comfort of their homes for no cost, eliminating both the expense and stress of travel. With over 30,000 licensed therapists nationwide in our network, support is quick and efficient in helping resolve mental health issues. Patients can find the support they need when they need it to deal with the stressors of life, including financial pressures. 

Free Medications and Cost-plus Drugs: Making Medication Affordable

Inflation’s rise often sees the cost of medication skyrocket, placing a significant burden on many. MakoRx’s subscription plans include over 300 medications for $0 at your local pharmacy. For any other medications, our cost-plus drug model offers a beacon of relief. With a commitment to transparent pricing and zero mark-ups on medications,  MakoRx ensures individuals don’t need to compromise on their health amidst escalating prices.

Reclaim Your Peace of Mind With MakoRx

Don’t let inflation’s toll on your mental health go unchecked. With MakoRx, you can navigate these challenging times with affordability, convenience, and peace of mind. Whether you’re seeking cost-effective medication or mental health support that’s both accessible and affordable, MakoRx is here to help. Sign up for MakoRx Complete Care today and reclaim your peace of mind.

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