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Redefining Prescription Discounts With Cost-plus Pricing

MakoRx is committed to supporting individuals and employers along their healthcare journey by helping them stay informed on the latest trends and technologies in healthcare and pharmacy.

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and with insurance premiums on the rise, patients are seeking ways to access prescription discounts. One strategy that’s gaining traction is the cost-plus drug pricing model. As consumers increasingly search for ways to save money on prescriptions, this pricing model offers an enticing and transparent alternative to the confusion surrounding traditional drug pricing methods.

Fundamentals of the Cost-plus Drug Pricing Model

The cost-plus pricing model is a concept that, despite its simplicity, can significantly change the healthcare industry, particularly in how patients access prescription discounts. This model has two primary principles: “Simplicity and Transparency”.

These principles aim to revitalize the drug pricing landscape and hope to make healthcare affordability a reality for all. Let’s dive into these principles to understand how they function within the cost-plus drug pricing model.

Simplicity and Transparency

In the convoluted world of drug pricing, the cost-plus model emerges as a beacon of simplicity and transparency. This model openly discloses the base cost of medication, NADAC the National Average Drug Acquisition Cost, alongside the markup added for the dispensing fee, allowing consumers to understand the exact breakdown of their expenditure. The cost-plus model offers consumers a clear, straightforward path to understanding their prescription discounts and costs.

The Value of the Cost-plus Model: Why It Stands Out

As we’ve explored, the cost-plus pricing model is not only a viable but also a preferred alternative to traditional drug pricing. It navigates the delicate balance of fair dispensing fees to the pharmacy and discounted prescription costs for patients. Some of the most common reasons why the cost-plus model is often seen as a preferred alternative include:

  • Greater Predictability: Consumers have a greater understanding of how much they’ll be paying for their medication with the cost-plus model, eliminating the uncertainty and confusion associated with traditional drug pricing.
  • Establishing Trust: The transparency and simplicity offered by the cost-plus model help establish trust between pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and consumers.
  • Accessibility: This model often makes it easier for people to access medication, allowing them to better adhere to their prescribed medication regimens. As a result, they can access the treatment they need without worrying about costs.

Impact on Healthcare Affordability

The cost-plus pricing model has the potential to make a significant impact on healthcare affordability. By eliminating unnecessary markups and making affordable prescriptions available, this model helps make healthcare accessible and affordable for those in need. Moreover, it can create an environment of trust between pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and consumers..

Why Choose MakoRx?

At MakoRx, we believe in providing quality healthcare at a fraction of the cost. Our subscription-based plans are tailored to offer the best value to our customers, ensuring you access the prescription pricing you need. MakoRx offers several different plans that you can choose from, each with its own unique features. Members of MakoRx can enjoy the benefits of our cost-plus model, granting them access to over 300 medications at no cost from over 18,000 participating pharmacies.

Gain Access to Wholesale Prescription Pricing With MakoRx

Start your journey towards affordable healthcare today by choosing a MakoRx subscription-based plan. By subscribing to MakoRx, you gain access to our revolutionary cost-plus drug pricing model, which offers wholesale prescription pricing to make healthcare more affordable. 

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