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Skip Urgent Care – Your Local Pharmacy Now Offers the Same Health Services

MakoRx is committed to supporting individuals and employers along their healthcare journey by helping them stay informed on the latest trends and technologies in healthcare and pharmacy.

Navigating healthcare can be a major hassle. Traditional urgent care centers mean dealing with costly visits, lengthy wait times, and insurance headaches. But what if we told you there’s an easier, more cost-effective solution? Introducing MakoRx Care Connect – your local pharmacy turned healthcare hub where you can handle your healthcare and medication needs all in one place.

The Problems with Traditional Healthcare

Every minor illness doesn’t need a major solution. Going to an urgent care center for common ailments is expensive and time-consuming.

Insurance Woes: Navigating the complex world of copays and deductibles can leave anyone flustered. Then, there’s the fear of surprise bills for services not covered by your insurance.

Appointment Availability: Clinics are often fully booked, forcing you to wait or reschedule your plans. Once there, you often face long waiting times in uncomfortable surroundings.

Additional Pharmacy Visit: After the visit, you must make another trip to the pharmacy to collect your prescription, adding yet another step to the process.

MakoRx Care Connect – A New Way in Healthcare

MakoRx Care Connect is an innovative solution, transforming your local pharmacy into a one-stop hub for healthcare.

Transparent Pricing: Forget about insurance headaches. We offer up-front cash prices for our services. Know exactly what you’re paying without the surprise bills.

Skip the Wait: Find same-day appointments and be seen immediately once you arrive at the pharmacy.

Time-saving Care: Receive medical attention and your prescription all in one place. You save time, money, and stress.

Services Offered at Your Local Pharmacy

From virtual urgent care to dermatology screening, your local pharmacy now offers a wide variety of essential health services, including:

All services are reviewed by a medical provider, and any necessary prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy while you wait.

How MakoRx Care Connect Works

Getting the care you need has never been easier. Just follow these simple steps:

Book Your Services: Schedule an appointment at your local pharmacy through the Book Now page.

Check In: Use the QR code sent to your email to check in at the pharmacy.

Staff Assistance: A pharmacy staff member will help you complete your check-in and perform any in-person services needed.

Telehealth Visit: Start the telehealth visit from the link sent to your email. Any necessary prescriptions will be sent straight to the pharmacy.

Complete: Leave with your prescription in hand and head home to recover.

Book Now with MakoRx Care Connect

Are you ready to revolutionize your healthcare experience? Book your appointment at your local pharmacy powered by MakoRx Care Connect today. When you’re sick, spend less time waiting and more time healing. Embrace a fast, convenient, and local solution for your health needs – start with MakoRx Care Connect.

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