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The Independent Pharmacy Crisis

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In recent years, the landscape of community healthcare has witnessed a concerning trend: the closures of independent pharmacies at an alarming rate. These local pillars of health, once the backbone of personalized care, are increasingly being edged out by diminishing dispensing fees, clawbacks in overly restrictive PBM contracts, and the rise of mail-order options, including those offered by giants like Amazon and Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Company. This shift not only threatens the existence of these local businesses but also impacts the quality and accessibility of healthcare for many communities.

Why Local Independent Pharmacies Matter

Trusted Health Advisor

Independent pharmacies have long served as trusted health advisors in their communities. Typically in long-standing local businesses, the pharmacy staff often serve as a trusted advisor for generations of people in the town. The pharmacists often know their patients by name, understand their health histories, and are readily available to answer questions and provide advice. 

Local Businesses

Independent pharmacies are more than healthcare providers; they are integral parts of their towns’ local economies. They contribute to the economic diversity and resilience of their communities, supporting local jobs and keeping money circulating locally.

Competition in the Economy

The presence of independent pharmacies introduces necessary competition into the healthcare market, helping to keep costs down and prevent monopolies. Without them, giants like CVS and Walgreens face less competition, which can lead to higher prices for consumers and a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare that neglects the unique needs of individual patients.

The Challenges Facing Independent Pharmacies

The challenges these pharmacies face are multifaceted. Restrictive contracts imposed by PBMs often leave little room for profit, making it difficult for independent pharmacies to survive. Additionally, many insurers force patients into mail-order services, typically owned by the insurance company, detracting from the community-based care model that independent pharmacies excel in providing.

What Can You Do?

Supporting local independent pharmacies is more than a nod to small businesses; it’s a commitment to maintaining high-quality, personalized healthcare within communities. Here are a few ways to support your local pharmacy:

  • Choose Local: Whenever possible, fill your prescriptions at an independent pharmacy. Your choice can make a significant difference in keeping these businesses viable.
  • Advocate for Fair Practices: Voice your support for legislation and policies that promote fair competition and practices within the pharmacy industry.
  • Spread the Word: Share your positive experiences with independent pharmacies with your community and on social media. Personal testimonials can be powerful in attracting more customers to these businesses.

Support Your Local Pharmacy with MakoRx Care Connect

In the spirit of supporting local healthcare and ensuring the vitality of independent pharmacies, consider utilizing MakoRx Care Connect for your healthcare needs. This innovative service strengthens the role of your local pharmacy by offering same-day testing and treatment services for a variety of conditions right in the heart of your community.

By choosing MakoRx Care Connect, you’re not just getting convenient and personalized care; you’re also playing a part in keeping your local pharmacy thriving.

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