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Why are Employer Health Insurance Costs Rising, and What You Can Do About It

Why does it seem like health insurance premiums are increasing every year without any associated increase in benefits? Many employers and their employees are faced with rising costs associated with health insurance leading to overall dissatisfaction with the benefits plan.

One area that has become increasingly difficult for employees is navigating the world of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). These plans often require employees to cover significant out-of-pocket costs in addition to their monthly premiums, leading to lower overall employee satisfaction.

Introducing MakoRx Complete Care: A Comprehensive Solution for Employers

MakoRx Complete Care is an innovative membership program designed to fill the gaps left by traditional insurance benefits. With access to over 300 no-cost medications and other drugs at cost-plus rates, employees can enjoy monthly savings on their prescriptions. Our program also provides access to virtual urgent care and telehealth services without any copay, further reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

By complementing your existing health benefits with MakoRx Complete Care, you can effectively mitigate out-of-pocket expenses and boost employee satisfaction while also containing claims costs on your health plan.

The Advantages of MakoRx Complete Care for Your Workforce

  1. Cost Savings: With access to 300 no-cost medications and cost-plus rates for other drugs, your employees can enjoy significant savings on their monthly prescription expenses. These savings also mean a lower pharmacy claims cost to your employer-sponsored health plan.
  2. Convenient Access to Healthcare: MakoRx Complete Care includes access to virtual urgent care and telehealth services with no copay, making it easier than ever for employees to seek the care they need without worrying about additional costs.
  3. Flexibility and Customization: Our subscription plans are designed to complement any existing health benefits you currently offer, allowing you to create a tailored benefits package that meets the diverse needs of your employees.
  4. Improved Employee Satisfaction: By providing a benefits package that addresses the challenges associated with high deductible health plans, you can demonstrate your commitment to employee well-being and satisfaction, ultimately leading to higher retention rates and a more engaged workforce.

Regain Control of your Healthcare Costs with MakoRx Complete Care

If you haven’t revamped your benefits package lately, now is the time to take action. By integrating MakoRx Complete Care into your offerings, you can transform your benefits and contain the rising costs of healthcare. Don’t let outdated benefits hold your company back.

Ready to learn more about MakoRx Complete Care and how it can enhance your benefits package? Contact us today to discuss your options and sign up for a membership plan that meets the unique needs of your workforce. We work seamlessly with your broker as well, have them reach out to us today.

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