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Connecting Cash Service Patients to Pharmacies

Need a way to attract cash paying patients and avoid all the insurance headaches?

MakoRx drives traffic to local network pharmacies through telehealth, employer, and direct to consumer partnerships.

Tablet Services

Pharmacies are supplied a MakoRx
tablet for the following:

  • Patient appointment check-in
  • Order Point of Care Test Kits
  • View upcoming scheduled appointments
Want to offer cash services to drive
patients to the pharmacy?

MakoRx gives independent pharmacies the power
to take on the big fish.

Are you tired of...

Fighting insurance companies imposing declining payments to take care of YOUR patients?

Wasting hours every day playing pricing games with wholesalers?

Staffing shortages making it impossible to keep up with the complexity of insurance?

The future of healthcare is hybrid –

MakoRx partners patients with affordable, in person pharmacy services, and telehealth consultations for prescriptions.

Virtual health care companies need independent companies to complement their services

The Future of Healthcare

Patient is experiencing a sore throat.

Patient can go to urgent care – spend $75 to $150 and take a half day off work or book a 15 minute appointment at a local pharmacy for a rapid strep test for less than $50.

Patient walks into the pharmacy, checks in via the MakoRx provided tablet, pays test cash-price, pharmacy staff uses point of care tests provided by MakoRx to test patient.

Test comes back positive within 10 minutes and MakoRx telehealth partner sends prescription to local independent pharmacy.

How It Works
Season 13
Patient goes to the MakoRx Care Connect website to find a cash service or test at a local pharmacy.
Season 12
Patient schedules in person service and pays online during appointment booking.
Season 11
Pharmacy notified via tablet of upcoming patient appointment
Season 10
Patient arrives at pharmacy and checks-in on tablet via emailed QR code
Season 9
Pharmacy staff complete CLIA waived test or in person service (vitals check, labs, dermatology screening etc.)
Season 8
Patient shares test results with virtual medical provider during telehealth visit at the pharmacy, if needed prescriptions sent to pharmacy.
Season 7
Results are shared back to the provider to close the care loop if needed.


MakoRx will help pharmacies complete CLIA applications
Poc Test Pharmacy Cost per
Test Sample Pricing
Patient Total Cost per
Test or Service
Pharmacy Profit
Influenza Influenza A+B
25 tests per kit
$10.40 $39.99 $17.59
($2 for MakoRx/test + $10 for Telehealth Partner)
Strep A
25 tests per kit
$4.50 $39.99 $23.49
($2 for MakoRx/test + $10 for Telehealth Partner)
UTI Dip Stick
100 tests per kit
$1.20 $39.99 $23.49
($2 for MakoRx/test + $10 for Telehealth Partner)
Virtual Urgent Care $0 $49.99 $14.99
($5 for MakoRx/test + $30 for Telehealth Partner)
Additional Revenue Streams
Through MakoRx Tablets

For RX

Patients find local pharmacies in our local network through and pay cash for the MakoRx cost plus prices where pharmacies are paid a generous dispensing fee.

For Labs

Pharmacies that train staff in phlebotomy services will be referred patients via scheduled appointments for cash lab draws.


When clinically indicated, telehealth can refer patients to get a point-of-care test at your pharmacy.

MakoRx will help pharmacies complete CLIA applications

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