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MakoRx Bridges the Gap in Healthcare with Launch of Care Connect in Local Pharmacies Across North Carolina

Care Connect brings on-site testing, virtual doctor’s visits and medication fulfillment to local pharmacies, redefining convenience and affordability.


Raleigh, NC, May 16, 2023 – MakoRx, a pioneer in providing innovative healthcare solutions, is excited to announce the expansion of its groundbreaking program, Care Connect, to local pharmacies across North Carolina. After a successful trial phase, the program is now available for a larger group of participants, marking a significant step toward MakoRx’s mission to simplify healthcare and support community healthcare needs.

MakoRx has teamed up with over 20 local pharmacies, covering a diverse range of communities from Port Health, New Bern, in the east to Boone Drug Store, Crossnore in the west and from Hasley Drug Store in the north to Parsons Drug Company in the south. These partnerships create a win-win scenario, offering pharmacies new revenue streams and ancillary services while providing patients with a convenient, all-in-one healthcare destination.

“With Care Connect, patients can access on-site testing, a virtual doctor’s visit and have their medication fulfilled all in one place,” said Vinay Patel, Founder of MakoRx.  “This means less time waiting and more time getting better. It’s a new, streamlined approach to healthcare.”

Not only does Care Connect offer convenience, but it also provides affordability. No insurance is needed to benefit from this service. MakoRx provides affordable cash prices, ensuring everyone, regardless of their insurance status, can get the healthcare they need – all at their local pharmacy.

Care Connect is more than just a program; it represents a change in healthcare delivery. By leveraging local pharmacies’ existing infrastructure and trust within their communities, MakoRx is creating a healthcare experience that is both personal and digital, local and innovative.

For pharmacies, Care Connect offers a unique opportunity to enhance their role in the community and diversify their income. By offering a broader range of services, pharmacies can attract more customers, improve patient care, and increase their bottom line.

“Care Connect has transformed the way we think about pharmacy services. By adding a virtual doctor’s visit and on-site testing to our offerings, we’re not just fulfilling prescriptions; we’re truly providing comprehensive care. Our customers appreciate the convenience, and we love being able to serve our community more effectively,” said David Line, Owner/Pharmacist at MakoRx partner TrueCare Pharmacy.

Patients in North Carolina can learn more about Care Connect and book an appointment by visiting

Local pharmacies interested in learning more about partnering with MakoRx can visit

About MakoRx Care Connect: MakoRx is committed to simplifying healthcare and expanding access to pharmacy and medication services for everyone. Our Care Connect program, available at local pharmacies, provides on-site testing, virtual doctor’s visits, and medication fulfillment in one place. Learn more about MakoRx Complete Care at


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