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MakoRx Partners with The Roadie Clinic to Expand its Virtual Healthcare Platform to the Live Music and Entertainment Industry

Raleigh, NC, June 13, 2023 MakoRx, a pioneer in providing innovative healthcare solutions, has partnered with The Roadie Clinic to launch RoadieDocRX, a subscription-based health plan built to enhance the lives of people in the music and entertainment industry. The plan includes over 300 free medications, virtual urgent care and virtual mental health services available to them while they’re on the road.

MakoRx has spent the last three years building MakoRx Complete Care, a set of supplemental, subscription-based healthcare plans (not insurance) that challenge the traditional, complex healthcare model – helping to eliminate the growing out-of-pocket costs patients incur even with health insurance.

Together with The Roadie Clinic, MakoRx has made the Complete Care model accessible to individuals and their families in the music and entertainment industry working in the United States, including musicians, actors, dancers, production personnel, venue owners and more. Even international Roadies who come to work in the US are eligible for coverage while they’re here. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with MakoRx on the launch of RoadieDocRX,” said Courtney Klimson, co-founder of The Roadie Clinic. “Our mission has always been to provide comprehensive support to the individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes in the music and entertainment industry. This partnership enables us to provide a much-needed lifeline – offering affordable and accessible healthcare options tailored specifically to the unique needs and lifestyle of roadies and their families.”

The RoadieDocRX plan is $45/person/month and includes 24/7 urgent care telemedicine services, appointment-based virtual therapy, access to 300 prescription medications for no extra cost, and local pharmacy network fulfillment. Learn more and sign up by visiting

“By partnering with The Roadie Clinic, we’ve created a specialized healthcare solution that meets the unique needs of the entertainment industry,” said Vinay Patel, Founder of MakoRx. “We recognize these individuals are not only working in high-stress, physically demanding environments, but they also often face challenges accessing traditional healthcare due to their work schedule and lifestyle. RoadieDocRX is our answer to that challenge.”

The subscription plan extends beyond the Roadie community. MakoRx Complete Care subscription-based health plans are available to individuals in all professions.

“Across all industries, there’s a real need for flexible, affordable healthcare,” said Patel. “Whether you’re a roadie or not, MakoRx Complete Care can provide you with comprehensive, accessible health services that adapt to your lifestyle and needs. It’s about delivering care on your terms, when and where you need it.”

For more information about MakoRx Complete Care and how to sign up, visit or email

About MakoRx Complete Care: MakoRx is committed to simplifying healthcare. With cost-plus drug pricing, subscription-based health plans and virtual services, MakoRx is challenging the traditional structure of healthcare and working to eliminate the growing out-of-pocket costs patients incur. Learn more:

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