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MakoRx’s Commitment to Community Health: A Day at the 8th Annual Festival Latino Americano

At MakoRx, we believe that the cornerstone of a vibrant community is the health and well-being of its members. On August 27th, we had the privilege to manifest this belief at the 8th Annual Festival Latino Americano in our home state of North Carolina.

Local Heart, Nationwide Reach

Our roots are firmly planted in North Carolina — it’s where our heart beats and where our headquarters stands tall. It was only fitting that we express our gratitude to a community that has given us so much by giving back. Festival-goers were welcomed to our booth for free A1C tests — a crucial check to screen for diabetes — and free COVID-19 vaccines, a pivotal tool in the ongoing global health challenge.

But while we cherish our local community, our vision at MakoRx stretches beyond state boundaries. Our mission of simplifying healthcare is a nationwide commitment.

“At MakoRx, we’re not just creating a healthcare company; we’re building a movement. A movement that believes in simplifying healthcare, making it transparent, accessible, and above all, centered on our community’s needs,” said Vinay Patel, Founder of MakoRx.

We continuously strive to challenge conventional healthcare structures, ensuring that individuals from all corners of the U.S. receive the quality care they deserve.

The Future of Healthcare is Here

What we showcased at the Festival Latino Americano is only a glimpse of our broader commitment to revolutionizing healthcare. From our cost-plus drug pricing and subscription-based health plans to our in-pharmacy services like urgent care and point-of-care testing, we are redefining what healthcare looks like.

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