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MakoRx Expands Access to Affordable Healthcare With New Family Subscription Plans

Raleigh, NC, July 11, 2023 – MakoRx, a pioneer in subscription-based healthcare services, has announced the launch of its innovative Family Subscription Plans for its Complete Care Bronze and Silver memberships. This move reflects MakoRx’s ongoing commitment to challenging the conventional healthcare paradigm and increasing access to affordable healthcare services.

Starting at just $40 and $55 per month, respectively, the Bronze and Silver family plans are specifically designed to address the multifaceted healthcare needs of families, expanding access to essential medical care.

“Our new family subscription plans are a testament to MakoRx’s unwavering dedication to making comprehensive healthcare accessible and affordable,” said Vinay Patel, Founder of MakoRx. “For just $10 more than our individual plans, families can now significantly increase their healthcare coverage value, extending essential services to all their members.

The Bronze Family Plan, priced at an affordable $40 per month, offers unlimited family members free access to over 300 essential medications. It also provides national coverage, with access to over 18,000 local pharmacies nationwide for wholesale-direct drug prices. This program can significantly reduce families’ out-of-pocket costs for medications.

At $55 per month for unlimited members, the Silver Family Plan enhances the Bronze offerings by integrating virtual mental health services and virtual urgent care. The Silver Plan ensures every member of the family can access no-cost therapy online and also virtual urgent care to significantly reduce the time and expense of urgent care visits.  

Existing MakoRx Complete Care members will experience an effortless transition to these family plans and immediately start realizing the associated savings. This expansion of our services will enable individuals to include their dependents under our subscription plans, accessing a wider range of healthcare services at a significantly lower cost. 

The evolution toward subscription-based healthcare continues to gain momentum, and MakoRx’s comprehensive approach is an embodiment of this shift. By integrating a range of essential services, MakoRx Complete Care ensures seamless access to quality healthcare, empowering families to manage their health with ease and affordability.

“We are not just introducing family plans; we’re redesigning the approach to family healthcare,” said Patel. “We are proud to bring a new level of transparency, access, and value to our patients, reinforcing our commitment to provide comprehensive and affordable healthcare for everyone.”

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About MakoRx Complete Care: MakoRx is committed to simplifying healthcare. With cost-plus drug pricing, subscription-based health plans and virtual services, MakoRx is challenging the traditional structure of healthcare and working to eliminate the growing out-of-pocket costs patients incur. Learn more:

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